The Book that gives a……(well, it cares….)

Aptly named, “WTF” is a book that speaks frankly about one family’s battle with postnatal illness and other mental health issues. Joelle narrates a genuine, funny and honest account of babies,  marriage and losing the plot; from the perspective of a family that went through it all and came out the other side in one piece!

“WTF!” The phrase that goes through the brains of parents old and new and will remain a taboo until we ALL start really talking about it!

The idea behind the book is to help people to converse, get help and get better.


“It’s like Joelle’s been in my head! This is something that all women and men need to read. It’s something that although I didn’t write it, it’s like a mirror image of my story. It’s powerful, heart wrenching and it impacts. It’s brought up painful memories that I can now think about and put into the context of the illness. It’s hard to read simply because I myself am embarrassed and feel overwhelming guilt that I have felt these things and this book has presented ways for me to accept my journey. Fantastic!”

Emma S – mum of 2 – Barnsley



“I loved it, its fresh, funny and to the point.  My heart broke for Jo but it also touched a nerve as I could relate on many levels to what I was reading as a first time mother, and also being pregnant with my second.  I was over the moon to read that Jo and her husband managed to work through it and are stronger for it; it made my heart burst! Genuinely, Jo is a strong women, and I am in awe that she dealt with it head on.”

Sheree – mum of 1 and cooking another – Falkirk, Scotland


You deserve to read the truth, tackle it and feel better….



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  • 3 Beautifully designed, printable, inspirational quotes

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“Wow! Joelle is amazing! Amazing opening quote! Love love love it! To be honest I thought that because PND was something I’ve never had to deal with either personally or with friends, I thought that I would find the book hard to relate to, or even maybe wouldn’t enjoy reading. I was wrong! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and it opened my eyes to PND. It shouldn’t be a taboo subject but, like all mental health issues it is, and that is so wrong. I’ve just one more thing to say…. Joelle Byrne rocks!”

Nikki R – Mum of 2 boys – Derby

This project is supporting and a percentage of the eBook profits are being donated directly to the charity. This is an 86 page digital download sent straight to your inbox.

“I read this book and said, “holy f**k that’s me….”

Anon – Mum of 2 – Halifax

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