We all know how important it is to keep our homes safe, but we don’t always have all the money we need to install a professional security system. This doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do to protect your home. There is a large number of cheap alternatives that will keep intruders away and give you the peace of mind you need when you are away. 

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Install Dummy Surveillance Cameras

If you can’t afford to install a real security system, you can trick the thieves into thinking that you have one by installing dummy surveillance camerasThey come at a fraction of the cost and are designed to look like the real thing. You can find hundreds of models of such security cameras to fit any design.

Having a dummy camera is much better than nothing at all, and they have the advantages of coming at a very low price. They don’t require any maintenance or additional equipment. You can also use dummy cameras to expand your current alarm system so it appears it covers all the areas.


Install a DIY Security System

DIY security systems come at a low price and you don’t need to use all your savings to buy them. You won’t need to pay an installation fee and you will have complete control over the layout and the components. You won’t have to deal with third-party companies and you won’t have a bill to pay every single month.

Most DIY security systems can be purchased in complete security kits that include all the parts you will need. Just read the installation instructions and follow them to the letter. An example of such system is the Fortress Security Store DIY Kit.


Use Fake Signs

10 Smart and Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Safe 1

You can use fake signs to scare potential thieves away. We are referring to the fake security signs that are very cheap and will make anyone think that you have a security system install. Most burglars don’t take the risk of breaking into a house that is protected. If you can get your hands on a real security sign you should use it.

An alternative to a security sign is a “Beware of Dog” sign that could be enough to scare people off. You can buy any number of signs and place them where people can see them.


Add Smart Locks to Your Doors

smart lock will give you more control over your door than you ever thought possible. You can use a smart lock to do more than just keep unwanted guests out; you can lock and unlock your door remotely and allow your friends to enter the home when you’re away by extending digital keys. More than that, your smart lock will alert you when someone enters or leaves the house and they are easy to install so you can do it yourself.

You can buy a smart lock that replaces your existing lock completely or that adds to it, providing additional service.

Keep the Spare Key Safely in a Lock Box

It happens to all of us: we rush to get home but we can’t find our key anywhere. We keep a spare key close by in case we need it and try to hide it as well as possible so that unwanted guests can’t use it. A lockbox that is specifically designed to keep the key is ideal when it comes to reducing the risk of clever thieves finding it. A spare key lock box uses a code combination to open and it is great for both indoor and outdoor use.


Use Exterior Motion Lights

Exterior motion lights are great to scare unwanted guests off because it makes it very difficult to sneak around without being seen. These lights can detect infrared waves and will turn on every time they sense someone in the adjustable range and will turn off after a set amount of inactivity. You can upgrade your current lights or you can add external solar-powered motion lights. Plus, the motion light helps you to navigate to your door or garage without having to blindly search for the switch.


Fake TV

You can buy a fake TV glow to trick people into thinking someone is home and they won’t attempt to break into your house. These small gadgets come in various sizes and can simulate a TV ranging between 27” and 40”. They have built-in timers and can be set to turn on automatically in the evening even when you go on vacation. Avoid posting news about your holiday and stop your mail so nobody will know you are not really home.


Install Window Alarms

If a burglar can’t open the lock on the door, he will surely choose one of the windows as an entry point. You can secure the windows in various ways: with bar, reinforced glass, or the more affordable window alarms and window locks. A very simple window alarm will detect when a window is either opened or broken, and will sound an alarm that will alert everyone in the house. Other window alarms also monitor the area around the window and alert you when it detects any presence.


Use a Garage Timer

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It can happen to all of us to forget to lock the garage door either because we are busy loading something in the car or we are distracted by a phone conversation or kids playing around us. There is a simple solution to this problem: a garage timer.

A good garage timer is not only cheap but it will secure any garage by automatically closing the door after a preset time. Most garage timers can be installed within minutes and are easy to enable or disable.


Buy a Safe for Your Most Valuable Items

Security safes are incredibly cheap nowadays and they will keep any valuable items like jewelry or cash away from any burglar’s hands. You can place the safe out of sight for increased protection. Safes can be mounted to walls and floors, or are easy to hide.

A good safe has reprogrammable digital access and override keys in case you forget the unique passcode. To make sure the burglars can’t carry the safe away, you will need to bolt it down.



Even on a low budget, there are still many things you can do to improve the security of your home. Smart gadgets like dummy cameras, DIY security systems,and smart locks are great for providing you greater control while keeping burglars away at a low price.



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