I’m part of a number of all female entrepreneur groups, as most of you will be if you’ve jumped on the business bandwagon head first! And I’ve noticed a recent trend in our own inability to believe in ourselves. Each week I see similar posts about fear of failure, dealing with our negativity and road blocks that we’re actually creating ourselves. So I got to thinking; are we the few for the reasons we think?


Over the last decade, loads of surveys have been completed about business and specifically, the divide of the sexes within entrepreneurship. Even terms like “grabbing business by the balls” personifies business in men’s clothing! These surveys tell us all sorts of things, and some of it is certainly good news, but not all.


As females in business we are on the rise, whoop! But still, only 30% of all US businesses are majority female owned. That’s pants! We should be even by now ladies! In the UK between 2008 and 2011, women accounted for an unprecedented 80% of the new self-employed but still, we can’t get the edge over those pesky blokes (we love ‘em really!) (Source: Prowess)


One of the main, stand-out facts for me behind this lack of women in business was that:


“In every single economy included (in one particular study back in 2013), women have lower capabilities perceptions than men. In every region, women have, on average, a greater level of fear of failure than men.” (Source: Prowess)


This tells me one thing, that it’s our own fault that we’re not on a 50/50 split with the guys! Jeez Louise! Our own fears and insecurities are making us anxious to try because “failure” is there hiding in the background like some weird Grim Reaper. Ahh shucks! We’re building our own walls in addition to the already existing fences that we have to leap! For women, this takes self-deprecating to a whole different level – to self-destruction.


Despite these rubbish statistics, there is proof that women who ARE in business and DO challenge their own fears are more successful than men:


“Companies helmed by women entrepreneurs had 13% higher revenues than those run by men, and finished 9% above the average for all entrepreneurs surveyed.” (source: Forbes)


So What?

So, my question is, what the hell are we going to do about it? Which women are we going to be? The scared or the successful? This quote from Skylar Grey sums it up for me:


“Your personal life, your professional life, and your creative life are all intertwined. I went through a few very difficult years where I felt like a failure. But it was actually really important for me to go through that. Struggle, for me, is the most inspirational thing in the world at the end of the day – as long as you treat it that way.”


Just like Skylar, I believe that we should be making a difference in every aspect of our lives by simply switching one fundamental part of our female make-up – self-worth! Believing that we’re capable of more, shutting down the doubts and fears, replacing those negative thoughts with positivity, gratitude and pure damned self-belief!


Those of you who are mothers will be able to relate to that feeling when you come out of hospital with the new human you made. The sense of elation is amazing (before the reality of parenting and sleepless nights kick in!) But the thought of all of those other women before and after who have done just what you did resounds so loudly for all of us. Wow! We rock! Revelling in the miracle of what women are truly capable of is one of the best things, on a personal level, about becoming a mom! We’re a force to be reckoned with.


Let’s look at what we actually do: We’re capable of running a family and a business or career. We manage life when it’s crazy and all of its responsibilities. We raise children and support husbands, partners, friends and family members who need us. We look after parents and family members when they’re no longer able to do things for themselves. We REMEMBER EVERYTHING! We balance tasks with an innate sense of prioritising; we remember the bread when there’s a disaster and know what will make someone we love feel better when something goes a bit wrong.

We’re pretty fucking awesome! Why aren’t we applying that awesome superpower to our business?


The Few


Well you should know about some women who decided to revolt against the fear! This week of celebrating and empowering women in business is the brain-child of serial entrepreneur, author and podcast host Nadia Finer. She has brought together 6 shining stars in the entrepreneurial world to give the likes of you and I just the right number of tools and training to skyrocket our businesses – without the overwhelm! This brilliant week has been named Female Entrepreneurs Week (aka FEW)

Nadia and the team have pulled together ten days of essential steps to start and grow your business. They have recognised that the fear can come from overwhelm and the unknown, so they’ve tackled that head on -There are far too many “resources” out there that claim to teach us everything we need to know about being successful. I’ve fallen for the same click bait myself; too many times! Pinterest has become my best friend and worst enemy in providing traffic and ideas for my home and business, but then distracting me with all the amazing “ultimate guide to business….” Pins I end up procrastinating over. Nadia and the crew have pulled together what you need to know, and only that:

  • Tutorials from each of the FEW Crew – focussed on just the essential steps to build your business.
  • Access to the temporary Female Entrepreneur Week Facebook Group – where you can meet other fiercely ambitious women, determined to make it as their own boss.

There are also huge amounts of different tools, techniques, tips and tricks available to entrepreneurs and they have recognised that you can’t learn and implement them all. But you don’t need to. You can have a stupendously successful business by focussing your energy on just the essentials. And the FEW Crew will show you how.


Joining FEW is free and you will have access to the following training:

  • Pump Up Your Profits: Turn your dreams of consistent $5k months into your business reality – with Business Coach, Nadia Finer.
  • Connect With Your Ideal Client – your first steps to selling – with Laura Robinson, digital copywriter & founder of The Worditude Club
  • Scale up – Leverage your time and expertise with a membership site – with Colin Pal from Thinkific.
  • Be the Boss of Your Business Finances – with Jo Simpson, founder of the Financial Growth Academy.
  • TUES 27 Become An Influencer – Develop your reputation as an expert using PR  – with PR Coach & founder of The Publicity Program Becs Miller
  • Build A Buzz – Use Facebook ads to attract an audience and new customers – with Facebook ads guru Caroline Wood
  • Branding Essentials with graphic designer and founder of Designta Louise Clark.


What you need to know

  • FEW official week run from 21 – 28 June 2017 (although it is actually going to go over 10 days because, there’s so much good stuff, it leaked out! Wrap up is predicted to be 30th June)
  • You can sign up to FEW and access the free training and resources here 
  • Even when it’s over, you can still register throughout the year, ready for next time!

All you need to do is invest some time and belief, in yourself.

  • Few people have the courage or imagination to start their own business
  • Few people have the strength to seek help and support when they need it
  • Few people have the tenacity to keep going when quitting is the more attractive option

Are you one of the FEW? Let me know your thoughts xoxo

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”

William Shakespeare