Making money from your blog does not have to make you sell your soul. There are a number of ways that you can get a steady stream of monthly pennies coming through your account from your blog.

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There are lots of ways to monetise your blog, some of the popular ways bloggers make money are:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Advertising/Running on-site ads
  • Creating and selling digital products
  • Selling tangible products
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling a service – Virtual Assistants and Coaches

For the purposes of this post I’m going to assume that your blog is up and running, and now you’re thinking of monetising your beautiful part of the inter-web. I’m going to focus on one the main income streams for my blog right now (95%) and that is affiliate marketing. This may well change in the future, as I do have ideas about digital products I think would help my audience, but for now affiliate marketing is the way I run TYP.


(If you haven’t got yourself up and running with a site yet then look no further and head here to build your free website with Wix just like I did.)


Out of all the affiliate programmes I’ve tried and tested, these two are by far the most lucrative and simplest platforms to use. I think anyone getting into this blogging business has enough on their plate without worrying about understanding code or how things work! I would never recommend anything that I wasn’t sure about myself so these two really are the dogs-doodah’s to make it to the top two!


Affiliate Marketing Does Not Have To Be Hard


The first thing you need to understand about affiliate marketing is that is doesn’t have to be hard sell. I’m not a sales person and cannot think of anything I’d feel more uncomfortable with! If you get working as an affiliate right, you don’t need to sell anything to anyone! The products and your writing ensure these items sell themselves and you simply see passive income ticking in each month. Then you know you are certainly doing the job right.


When I first started exploring affiliate programmes it was confusing. I felt like I needed to join every single programme available to me, wherever they may be, and start to sell their products whether or not they were suitable for my niche. STOP RIGHT THERE! Not so much!


Understanding the promotions that would be suitable for your audience is key to ensuring that not only will you be accepted to these programmes, but you also make sales! TYP is a blog about home life; if I started to flog you computer software within my blog posts you’d think I’d lost my mind (and I’d probably lose a huge chunk of my lovely audience who I’d like to keep – coz – ya’ know…..) I’d suggest that you follow these few steps before diving into affiliate marketing:

  • Check back over previous blog posts. What products/ideas/services have you recommended? List these including the product/service and where it could be obtained from. Consider value for money and customer experience for your readers above everything else. Your audience trusts you to recommend the best product and experience.
  • Next ask yourself if what you’ve already promoted is suitable to your niche and audience? Are you selling the right things that solve your readers problems? What are their problems? Find out!


After you’ve done this it’s time to look into affiliate programmes out there. I’m going to talk about the two affiliate programmes that have helped me to make consistent commission within my blog posts without it feeling uncomfortable, pushy or completely out of place. These are brilliant starting points for anyone looking into affiliate marketing whatever the niche.


Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate Bundles (UB) are quite simply a pre-prepared library of content including eBooks, printable resources (planners etc) and courses that are grouped together in certain topics. They are offered at an exceptionally discounted price; up to 96% off the individual purchase value if you were to go out and buy each product separately. They are usually only offered for a very limited time and often include great value bonus content for free.

Examples of some available now:

They have different bundles running throughout the year covering topics from business, working at home and photography to parenting, cooking and home management. You can cherry-pick the appropriate packages for your niche and audience, promoting only what is relevant and helpful to your readers. They offer a generous commission on each bundle sold (usually around 40%) and affiliates tend to do very well.


In addition to teaching you about the bundle’s you can promote, UB also provide marketing training before the sales go live to help you get the most out of your promotion efforts. They have a library of eBooks and video courses, constantly accessible, so you can scrub up on your marketing skills and etiquette any time.


The tools available to promote each bundle aren’t anything to be sniffed at either! With images to download straight to your computer, html code for beautiful banners and text links for every aspect of the bundle you’re sure to get your audiences hearts pumping with brand-suitable and adaptable content.


Find out more and join here now



Going from one product type to a world of brands available at your fingertips, Awin are a global affiliate marketing network that empowers advertisers and publishers of all sizes to grow their businesses online. They have over 100,000 active publishers promoting over 6000 advertisers which gives you, as a publisher, the ability to find and partner with brands you love. Awin’s aim is to help publishers big and small create profitable partnerships with the world’s best-known brands through your website, blog and content.


They work with brands from Buy a Gift to Britannia Hotels, from Etsy to Mankind, and all things in between. They have a vault of brands to work with and choose from whether you’re blog is about beauty, electronics or finance, there is something for every niche available on Awin.


Once you’re signed up, you can browse the brands available and pitch to those appropriate. Once you’re accepted to the brands programme, the process of accessing links and code is a walk in the park! Out of the affiliate programmes that I am a member of, this is by far the easiest platform to navigate and use effectively. I spend a lot of my time on their platform (for the right reasons!) and regularly sign up to new and appropriate brands that will help my audience.


It is a very good site for finding appropriate banners of all different shapes and sizes if you want attractive links directly on your site or emails, because the navigation is super simple. Their process for deep-linking (converting a specific URL that you’d like your audience to land on) is very straightforward. You can also track those links with your own comments so you can manage and improve your strategy by analysing data that makes sense to you! A big part of affiliate marketing is understanding what is working, and what isn’t, so this is a great way to start with that analysis process.


Awin also allows brands to find you! Interested brands are able to find and approach you to work with them in a few simple steps. You are then offered the choice of joining their programme or not, depending on your business plan and marketing strategy.


Join Now




Joining any affiliate marketing platform, including both Ultimate Bundles and Awin, requires filling out a form and you need a bit of information about your own brand and business to do this. But if you’re ready to get into affiliate marketing and monetising your blog, this is information you must have available for all applications. I would recommend gathering that information as you complete it (copy and paste into a document somewhere!). Doing this will help next time you go to make an application, as you can simply copy the information across each time you apply. In summary, Awin offers huge reach but is really easy to use, and Ultimate Bundles is simple to use and a brilliant offer for your readers.

If you want to get the absolute most out of affiliate marketing across your internet presence then I would also recommend Elise from House of Brazen’s eBook “How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 hours using Pinterest”. (See, I said internet presence for a reason!) The eBook includes:

  • Her exact strategy to make her first affiliate sale in 24 hours using Pinterest
  • How she tripled her sales that same week using her ‘viral pin’ strategy
  • The Affiliate Marketing & Pinterest basics you need to make sales
  • Her secret to creating & designing perfect pins
  • Access to the group board “Brazen Biz Bloggers” on Pinterest
  • Access to her own affiliate program (offering 40% commission on sales!)

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your future income now!

Ultimate Bundles


How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 hours using Pinterest

What are your favourite programmes for affiliate income? Shout out in the comments!