Back on the topic of self care. Again, I’m torn with this because I feel like we shouldn’t have to be reminded to look after ourselves – but with the many hats we wear as mums, parents, business people, taxi services, domestic goddesses and chief organisers; it’s hard to know when to stop and say “enough”. Investing in some “me time” regularly ensures that the time does not come when we’ve suddenly got beyond capable; where we can no longer give everything we have. Going back to my favourite quote “you cannot pour from an empty jug”. So this week I wanted to chat to you about a few amazing ways of putting number one first, treating ourselves and putting our well-being higher up on the list of priorities (what, you don’t have a list?)

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Here’s my top list of self care ideas for you to pick at over the course of the next few months:


  1. Invest in the positive

Reading is a brilliant way of calming the mind, stepping out of the ever revolving door of thoughts and often, changing our perspective on a topic. Picking up a book that we enjoy is one thing, but picking up a book that is jam-packed with positive thoughts is another. (I know I’ve talked to you about this before but it really a good book to get your positive pants pulled super high!)The Secret talks about implementing the law of attraction, and although it does require the immediate removal of your cynical hat (let’s face it, we all have one!) it is worth a read. If you can overlook some of the more outlandish statements and focus on the proactive steps in this book, it can really change your mindset. Give it a try here.


  1. Take a Break

Physically taking a break is tough, it requires money and time off and organising, but the benefits far outweigh any negatives. Rejuvenating your body and mind with a short break is a brilliant way of recharging the batteries and getting back into life with more gusto. My favourite breaks are:

Try one on for size and let me know how you feel when you get back….


  1. Treat Yourself or Someone Special to Something Beautiful

I’m a little bit of a magpie when it comes to all things shiny, and there is nothing more thrilling for me than buying a gift for others. Dower and Hall offer the most beautiful and unique jewellery pieces. They offer innovative style in their collection, as well as bespoke and personalised pieces for something with that extra pizzazz. Their collection “Cherish What’s Inside…” is one of my personal favourites, but there are some spectacular designs across their range. Have a peek here.


  1. Feed the Food Monster

Every now and again it is sooooo good for the mind and soul to feed the cravings and satisfy the sugar-demon that most of us keep cooped up. My favourite place to do this is Kaspa’s Dessert House (The Core, Leeds) where you can fall into American Style diner fabulousness in one step. Their collection of stunning ice creams and cakes are on display for you to ogle over, and their menu boasts a drool-worthy array of gelatos, crepes, waffles, shakes and more….. I know!!! They even offer a free Shake on your birthday and selfie of the week competitions. More details and a full menu can be found here. Plus, follow them on Twitter and Facebook for brilliant deals! Hint: my favourite is the Strawberry Indulge Waffle……I’ll just leave this here…


  1. Laugh until you can’t breathe

Laughter soothes the soul…especially the kind where you can’t breathe, have tears streaming down your face and you get face ache from the smile! Now that sort of laughter is absolutely priceless! Seeing a comedy show, watching your favourite movie or reading a book that makes you LOL, finding a way to make yourself hurt with the giggles is the ultimate boost….. I’d recommend:


  1. Pamper Yourself

I am aware that this isn’t every ladies idea of quality time spent – I’d rather read or be cleaning (I know I’m weird!) but for some, the idea of a long soak in the bath and some investment in their bodies is a great way of feeling revitalised and transformed. My recommendations, get something super indulgent for yourself as a mega-treat! Mankind offer a stunning assortment of top-selling and designer products for that special splash in the bath, and not just for the guys I promise! Alternatively, head over to Etsy for handmade delightfulness to make you feel all warm, clean and fuzzy (or fuzz free!)!


  1. Invest in your Home and Style

I know you’ll love designing and keeping your house looking top notch. There’s no better way to change the way you feel than changing the environment that you’re in; whether that’s a lick of paint, a new ornament, a set of luxurious cushions or even an entire re-furb; implementing new ideas around the home is great way to spend some time. Grab a cuppa and jump over to Wickes or Graham & Brown for some brill DIY/decor ideas, or pop to Etsy for some unique apparel to add that little extra something to your home (if you hadn’t gathered, I’m a bit of a fan of Etsy!). These stores are all budget friendly, but the more frugal will love the home choices at both The Range and Wilkos


In summary, it doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you do something to invest in you, invigorate the passion you have for life, relax, unwind and get back to yourself before the tank runs dry…

How do you spend your personal time? What is your favourite investment in you? Let me know in the comments!