One of the strange things about human beings is that we only tend to value things that have a price. The problem therefore is, that which we perceive to be free, is often undervalued. Three of the most undervalued assets we have as human beings are completely free. They are health, happiness and time. These are things that are provided to the lucky majority of people from birth, and we should be valuing each and every one of them. But we don’t.

As we grow up, whether it be through social or environmental factors, we lose the value in these things. And as adults, we only place value on things that have a price. So, that which we perceive to be free is almost always undervalued. So my question today is: Just how important are time, health and happiness?

Human beings only value things that have a price. So, that which we perceive to be free is undervalued. Just how important are time, health and happiness?


Why is it that time, arguably our greatest asset, is only valuable when we’re paying for it or being paid for it? Outside of employment, whether that’s as an employee or an employer in some task, our time isn’t valued? We spend insurmountable hours cleaning, running errands and doing things that we would otherwise prefer not to be doing, without being paid for it. We, women especially, just don’t value our time like we would if someone were paying us to do these things.

In and of itself, time is the most valuable asset we have. Without it, we literally have nothing. We cannot do anything, be anything, achieve anything. In fact, without time in the bigger sense of the word, we wouldn’t exist at all. We punish ourselves for using our time to relax, unwind and focus on what makes us happy and brings us peace, but don’t bat an eyelid at using those same hours running around doing things that adults do.

Claiming time back is one of the biggest obstacles we face as busy women. We are socially trained to accept the obligations of others, the chores that somehow become ours when we run a house and the “adulting” that we must do to be functional. Why should we? Simple: Culture and pride has taught us that this is the way we function and how we conform. We are conditioned in class status that outsourcing tasks is a luxury only afforded to those who have financial abundance or a medical need because they can’t do it themselves. But if we’ve learned anything so far today, time a luxury and can’t we swap one perceived luxury (money) for another (time)? Which is more important to you?


If the quotes are right, then happiness can be found in the simplest of things and yet as human beings, we attach happiness to material goods, achievements, success, partnerships and the opinions of others. Why? Yes, there are things in the world we need to exchange money for in order to increase our perception of happiness but fundamentally, happiness is a feeling and feelings are free. Aren’t they?

Those extras; the takeaway on a friday night, the trips to the beach once a year, the nice clothes and fancy gadgets are all super nice and add to the feeling of gratification. You’ve earned them by exchanging your time for money right? But does “stuff” make you truly happy?

For some, the answer is yes. But then when you think about real joy; isn’t it memories, laughter and smiles that come to mind and not your latest mobile phone?

And on that note, why do we feel the need to attached a time scale to our personal joy? “I’ll be happy when….” “Everything will be perfect when x happens”. Really; what’s that about?

Aren’t you happy now? And if you’re not, why not? Can you start to value and be grateful for what you’ve already got? The Law of Attraction says that once you find that value and are grateful for it, more will come.


Most of us are exceptionally lucky that we are born in perfect health. The majority of folks maintain it for the most part, but some of us (including myself!) sabotage that through poor choices, bad habits and social pressure. Why? Because we don’t value our health until we become unwell or it’s at risk. Illness in ourselves and others has that wonderful tendency to make us question our own lifestyle choices and begin to value that which we have taken for granted up to that point.

In all honesty, we know that there is no real need to spend a fortune on supplements or gym memberships to stay healthy and value that which we are born with. Implementing a wellness lifestyle that’s right for you, and finding easy, real food meal ideas that suit your dietary needs is as simple as a search on the internet or a drop into a book store these days. A basic knowledge of your own anatomy and feelings (because mental health matters too!) and a little time invested in ourselves is the real key to health and wellness in the main. It costs little to nothing really. Prioritising your health and being consistent is free; the only exchange you make for that is a little time… and so we go back to the beginning of this discussion …


It’s not for me to tell you what should and shouldn’t be important to you in your life. That’s your call. But the ideas discussed today are designed to implant the perception of value into your mind.

Perhaps you may change your priorities and find some extra time; which in turn allows you to take better care of your health and subsequently increases your happiness? See where I’m going here?

Not everything is linked, but there is certainly a distinguished parallel between health, happiness and time – and yet we seem to not place as much value in those things as we perhaps should? What do you think?