I am so excited to introduce a guest post today. Sarah Sienkiewicz and I connected recently in a business group; over a mutual adoration of planning, schedules and all things freedom. It soon became apparent that our messages were the same, although our businesses differ enormously and she walks the walk as well as talking the talk. I just knew that what Sarah had to say needed to be heard by the LOL Community; like yesterday! She has so many actionable ideas that you can implement into your life today, to create a better tomorrow!

Sarah is a Strategy & Alignment Coach. She runs Healing Business and is passionate about giving healers, coaches and therapists the support and business skills needed to attract an abundance of clients and fulfil their divine life purpose. Blending practical resources with law of attraction and energy alignment, Sarah’s creative and enthusiastic approach is an inspiration to lightworkers in her community, the Healing Business Academy.

Sarah is happily married, a devoted stay at home, working mum of two children and lives in Oxfordshire. Over to Sarah….

Have you ever wondered how some women manage it all? Here’s how to create systems that give you more time and less overwhelm. #timemanagement #momboss #mumpreneur #selfdevelopment #lifeoverlaundry #mumlife #momlife


The Struggle is Real

Even as a sleep deprived, stay at home mum, I struggled to keep on top of things at home and live up to the perfect ideal I had in my head about how my house “should be” and since starting my business, I’ve had even less time to devote to the house. Plus, it’s pretty boring doing chores all day!

So, I developed a system. It doesn’t always work like clockwork, it’s more of a loose framework that I’ve put in place in my attempt of feeling in control of the tidal wave of responsibilities when you are a stay at home working mum, with two school aged kids and a husband with fluctuating shift patterns.

I’ve shown people my system before and they freaked out a bit so don’t judge me ok?!! I developed this over the years so may look a bit overwhelming in one go, but there may be some things that can help spark some ideas of how you can create simple systems that free up your brain space and give you more time for fun.

I recently read a fab article about “the mental load” and whereas you may live with a partner who can help, invariably it’s the role of women to think about everything. This really opened up my eyes as to how much responsibility we have as women, and how with these systems we can support ourselves without feeling overwhelmed or anxious. That’s why I have the menu plans and rotas in full view in the kitchen so that if I’m not here, things still get done. It takes the guesswork out of it.


Housekeeping and Time Management

  • How can you segment your week into batched time?
  • I work when kids are at school 9am-3pm, 3-8pm is kids, family and housework time. Sometimes I have Skype calls after 8pm. Saturday is my MLM day, so I can focus. Sunday, we go to church, chill, homework, walks in the park and woods. It’s all up on the family planner in the kitchen.
  • What activities can you batch together?
  • Instead of trying to create separate time to exercise, I drag my family out for walks or swimming!! That way we can spend time together being healthy and saves me using work time to exercise.

I also listen to personal development or audio books while I am cooking or cleaning, rather than having to find separate time to do both.

  • Create a cleaning rota
  • I have a weekly/monthly cleaning rota that is on the notice board in the kitchen. This gets a bit sloppy sometimes but sticking to it really helps things to not pile up.
  • Create a menu plan
  • I shop weekly to a menu plan. The menu is on the family planner in the kitchen, so I only need to think what we are having for dinner once a week. Each night, I just follow the plan which frees up space in my brain from the dreaded “what to cook tonight” dilemma!
  • Batch cooking
  • Have leftovers for lunch the next day, freeze portions for the freezer so on those busy days or lazy days when you don’t feel like cooking, you can rustle up a healthy meal and not resort to junk food.
  • Batch washing
  • I tend to only 3 loads a week, one on Wednesday, two on Saturday. I put the clothes away while my children are having a bath (as they are a bit older, obvs do not leave younger children unattended in the bath). I currently don’t have a tumble dryer, so I wash the clothes before school, hang them up when I get home from school run so they have longer to dry and I can put them away at bath time the next day.
  • Keep on top of clutter!
  • Clutter clear once a month. Don’t buy clutter.


  • Business systems
  • Yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly plan, do review. Goal setting, tracking and planning. Scheduled project time in diary. Focus!
  • Multiple accountability partners!
  • Or deadlines, whatever you need to make sure you get things done.
  • Multiple journals!
  • Health, Wealth, Business Planning, Product Planning, To Do Lists
  • Schedule
  • Schedule social media posts wherever possible and think about content in advance. Interact throughout the day.
  • Repurpose content
  • This list was a comment in a Facebook group, now it’s a blog and will form the basis of a Masterclass in the Healing Business Academy.
  • Leverage your time
  • My main source of income is leveraged by membership site and MLM so my time is freed up – I am minimising how much time I sell for money.
  • Automate!
  • For example, I use an online booking system to book people in my diary.
  • Outsource!
  • Easy things to outsource are bookkeeping and VA tasks.
  • Aim to only touch paperwork or emails once.
  • Batch admin tasks and deal with it there and then or all in one go to avoid backlog or build up.

Personal and Social

  • Pepper volunteering, crafts and ad hoc projects into the week so it’s not all work, work, work! Christmas is a busy time on the PTFA!!
  • Schedule keep free days for catching up with stuff and having a breather if you need it.
  • Batch work around the energy of your menstrual cycle. Sometimes of the month are more outgoing, like fb lives, client work and networking. Other times are more reflective and lower energy, so you can do content creation and visioning.
  • Good food, sleep, treatments, calls to your girlfriends, hubby time, play dates.

I am really trying to play more…this is work in progress!

That’s pretty much how I juggle. And I love it!! I hope you’ve found some useful ideas in there. We sometimes have to do the school uniform hunt, Soph forgot her swimming kit once and we have resorted to fast food every now and again when it all falls apart – I’m not going to say I am a perfect mummy with everything figured out all the time! But, more often than not, these systems give me more time, more energy and freedom to do more of the things I love. I hope they can do the same for you too.

You can hang out with Sarah over on her Facebook page or in her group Healing Business Academy. Will you be implementing any of Sarah’s techniques? Do you have any of your own to add into the mix? Shout out in the comments!