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We would love to hear your inspirational stories, hacks and questions and we know that sometimes in life things come up that we just can’t get out of. We get it! We’re here to help you to make the absolute best life you possibly can and you can contact us with any questions about the business, time or life that you think we can help you with! Chances are, we’ve been there, so we’ll have some advice for you if you want to drop us a line.

Whatever it may be; if you have news to share, a story of your own, or if you have some questions about the blog or products, please feel free to get in touch by emailing

Please note, if you wish to discuss collaborations, guest posting or other services, please use the guidance on this page.

One thing that’s important for you to know is that we practice what we preach here! And that means good time management. Because of this, we only read and respond to emails once a week (and you should too!)

That doesn’t mean you aren’t super important to us! You certainly are and we aim to reply to all emails in 5 business days (unless you catch us at the right time on email day!)

Feel free to shout out on Social Media, especially Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at any other time. We may be uber organised, but that doesn’t stop us binge watching viral vids and howling at meme’s. We hang out on social media as part of our downtime but don’t let it become the one thing that has you procrastinating!

If you’re feeling very overwhelmed or in need of more urgent support, please contact your GP, Local A&E department or The Samaritans (116 123). It is absolutely ok to get help!