Socrates said “I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think” which got me thinking 😂 In life, we’re always learning. Whether it be a new skill at work or a recipe to make gorgeous cake; there is always the requirement for us to learn and expand our brains. But when it comes to self improvement, do we really want to learn more?



As a blogger, it’s my job to teach you a new skills or lesson that you can implement across your own life in order to improve it. But learning isn’t always fun for some of us? Labelling it learning, means some folks are immediately put off because that’s not what they’re about.

But we learn every single day. Through listening to others, adapting what we say (or how we say it) in conversations to make sure our message is understood or so we don’t inadvertently offend someone. Often, We learn through making simple mistakes. If you were out on a walk and stepped in a huge puddle, the result would be that you’d probably be more careful on the rest of your journey, in watching where you’re going. Right? The result of “learning the lesson” being avoiding having soggy feet again. But sometimes in our homes, lives and our established routines, we don’t learn from those simple mistakes. We don’t listen to what’s not working. We keep plugging away in the same way, hoping for different results from the same actions.

So whether it’s the time on the clock that you’re short of or getting a little bit more organised in your home; start learning from what isn’t working. Be mindful and thoughtful as you go throughout your day. Think about what is successful and build on those things. Start to consider how changing them might impact your life as a whole. Break down tasks and obligations, analyse them objectively and understand that just because you’ve “always done it that way” does not mean that it’s serving you. And just because you’re changing, doesn’t mean you’re learning; you may just be thinking differently.

Our thoughts can also be a huge barrier to our own ability to learn and change. We have so much negatives self-talk that it’s a wonder we get out of bed and function at all as women! But what if you listened to your gut for a change instead of the voice inside your head that tells you that you can’t do something? Or that it’s not practical? How about listening to those around you when they tell you that you can? That you’re capable?

Give it a try for a week or two and let me know how you get on? Instead of labelling it as learning, mark it as listening, evolving, changing? What will you think about today that might lead to a better life for you? Tell me in the comments!