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Why not join the affiliate programme to promote products that you love, and earn 30% commission per sale?


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Making money from affiliate marketing is one of the best and simplest ways of maximising the return from your time spent online. Millions of people create billions of pounds every year through promoting products that they love that are made by someone else. Some people do this in their spare time and others as their full time job.

You do not need a website to join our programme, you can promote straight from your social media platforms!

Joining our other affiliates could not be simpler

Follow the instructions below:

  • Join the programme here then,
  • Go to SendOwl and login
  • On the left menu navigate to ‘Programs’
  • Click “Life Over Laundry Affiliate Programme”
  • “Click to see affiliate links’
  • Under ‘Description Link’ is your affiliate link


Terms and Conditions to our Programme


Affiliates must ensure that they do not use any unethical selling techniques or marketing methods to promote my products. This means NO unsolicited email marketing (or “spam”) or through sites that contain offensive content.​

Affiliates may promote on any platform with the exception of those platforms deemed to be inappropriate (you know the sort!)

Payouts are on the 1st of every month for sales in the previous month.

Commissions will be paid directly to your Paypal account without exception.

We may not be able to track your sales if people do not allow cookies on their computer.

IMPORTANT: Use of your own link to get a discount on the products or to gain commission will result in your immediate removal from the programme and a freeze on all commissions from that point. You will be banned from the programme and will not be allowed to rejoin.

Images relating to the product may be taken directly from the purchase page, website and other blog posts (must be directly linked) additionally, if used with an affiliated link, images can be taken from the associated facebook, instagram and twitter pages. If you require any other promotional materials, feel free to email

We’d love it if you’d follow us on social media and tag us in your posts! We’ll promote you where we can!

From time to time, there may be rewards for the most sales etc. You will be contacted by email accordingly to inform you of any events!


If you’d like to learn more about Affiliate Marketing, I can highly recommend checking out:

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Feel free to drop us an email with any questions! We’re always happy to help!

Happy selling xoxo