Do you ever feel like your nose is pressed against the glass of your own life?

That all it could be is just out of reach?


Regardless of your age or stage of life, are you a woman seeking an identity that is all your own outside your family?

But are you constantly asking “where would I find the time to do that?”

When you were a little girl, you had dreams. When someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, you knew, in your gut, what you wanted from life.

That was before you:

  • Got your own home…
  • Had children…
  • Realised just how much adult women really do…
  • Were exposed to the real responsibilities of being a grown up, a parent, a partner, a woman, a friend…
  • Unintentionally followed the crowd and went with the default life that everyone else seemed to have: the job, the responsibilities, the daily grind…

And now you’re thinking what could life be like beyond the laundry pile?

life over laundry front page 2

Behind you are chores, bills and responsibilities that are literally eating your time leaving nothing for you at the end of the day.

Between work, children and your “must-do’s” there is no time left for the “want to do’s”.

But that little girl is still there.

Her desires are still yours.

She’s you.

You’re meant to have these “wants” – they were given to you on purpose.

You visited us because you’ve dreamed of creating a better life.

Whether it’s taken weeks or years to get to this point, you’re finally here.

Your new life is starting to take shape simply because you’ve acted. You’re here.

You probably feel overwhelmed and unclear about where to start, where you’re going or where to turn next?

You may know what you want to do but not how to make the time to do it?


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