I don’t have to tell you that things are bad. I don’t have to tell you that living in the 21st century is actually making life as an adult much harder. I don’t have to tell you that your time is being sucked away each day by things that you feel you have little, to no control over. I don’t have to tell you that you spend far too little time doing the things you really enjoy with the people you love.

organise your home with life hacks that are simple, easy and straightforward

You’ve got the life you thought you always wanted but you feel the overwhelm everyday. The combination of work and home and children and family and friends and neighbours and pets…the list goes on…you are  Mother Mule; carrier of all things…..

You are the person that everyone comes to for answers, solutions, a shoulder, a response, an ear, a nose wipe, advice, ideas, cleaning, cooking, calls and the rest………

You feel like each day is a drain, each week is a blur and it all boils down to slogging your guts out day in, day out until you can get your ass on that beach in just six weeks time…..just to do it all over again. Every. Single. Year.

Your schedule = clean, cook, tidy, work, manage mini-crisis, sleep, eat, repeat.

Your “you time” involves a glass of wine on the couch for five minutes whilst contemplating the mess surrounding you and thinking about anything but your life choices….

The question is, what do we do about it?

Right now, I want you to just think about all the stuff that would be really useful to know to reclaim your time.

Think about how you manage your home and your schedule.

Think about all the things school didn’t teach you that you wish you’d known before you flew the nest.

Think about all the times you had absolutely no idea when you grew up and why people are suddenly depending on you. All the times that you had no idea what the hell was going on and yet people were looking to you for a solution to a problem you didn’t even know existed.

Think about all the times you’ve used Pythagoras’s theorem versus all the times you really needed to know how to manage a problem that didn’t involve building a blanket fort and hiding! I bet you excel at the Christmas pub quiz, but do you surpass yourself when it comes to:

  • Time management
  • Budgeting
  • Home Management
  • Saving money
  • Organising
  • Planning
  • Generally kicking ass at adulthood…..

Well you’re in luck! I’ve been developing a system that will help you to manage all of these things, reclaim your time and have systems in place to adult like a Rockstar! It’s called Passive Home Management.

The Key to mastering your home, time and life once and for all....Ok, I hear you – WTF is a passive home management system? 

The meaning of the word “passive”, in its simplest terms, is the opposite of active. Passive Home Management (PHM) is similar to passive income. Stay with me, it’s not complicated. It’s like this; in most jobs, regardless of the amount you’re earning, there’s an exchange of time for money. The more time you spend working, the more money you earn. For passive income, this relationship disappears. It is impossible to work more than 24 hours in a day and therefore income that is tied directly to your worked hours will always be capped – without exception.

However, if you were to invest time into a process once and do everything required at that time, you could earn money from that thing literally while you sleep. This process destroys the link between time and income, and allows for a situation where your income will eventually surpass what you would have received had it been an exchange of time for cash. Writing a novel is a good example of this.

I have developed Passive Home Management based on this principal – negating the exchange of time for results. In PHM instead of swapping hours for tasks, repeatedly, you are taught to invest time in initial “set up” processes. Once these are in place, it is simply a matter of managing and tending to those set-ups.

But always remember that by passive, I don’t mean easy or quick. It just means an initial investment of effort, upfront, which continues to produce results without too much more effort afterwards.

In short – PHM means that you complete a task once, properly, and should only have to tend to it in order to keep it working well. If you neglect the process after completing the initial work, chances are it will fail after time. Like maintaining an apple tree, it will bear fruit year on year if you keep it weed free and water it occasionally…

So, if this sounds like something that will change your life, then grab your copy of the best guide to hit the internet in 2017. Mastering the Art of Adulting will teach you techniques that will create the life you know is waiting for you on the other side of the ironing pile…..

Tell me your home management bugbears? What really grinds your gears at home?

See you soon